Welcome to this new website!

    ACXSynth is proud to present a completely new collection of modules.

These new modules are designed to combine the amazing sound quality of analog synthesizer with the advantages of a digital synthesizer (presets, memories, programming). Most of their parameters are MIDI controlled but can also be voltage controlled because it is essential to have analogic control in addition of digital control.

    These modules can be integrated with your legacy systems to bring you new preset and automation functions. They can be controlled many ways including direct control interaction, voltage control or automatic remote interaction through MIDI messages sent from a master keyboard, control surface, computer, or hardware/software sequencer.

    For instance, a LFO can have its frequency and/or wave shape continuously and automatically modified during a song. All the ACXBus modules have memory bank to store all parameters and to be used as presets.

    In addition to these automation functions, the number of parameters of these modules has dramatically increased. For instance, the dual envelop generator has 13 different parameters per envelope. Thanks to the presents and automation, a musician can recall any configurations on stage, even the most complex ones.

    These top quality modules are reliable and powerful enough to be used on stage and in studios. The inputs/outputs are protected against any possible connection errors. They are built with high quality components on industrial PCB and use powerful 32 bits processors and 16 bits DAC. Importantly, maintenance is facilitated by socket supported IC’s.

    Affordability and quality are of paramount importance because price should not hinder musicians’ creativity.