(formerly ACSynth)

A SDIY (Synthesizers Do It Yourself) Web site


Building your own synthesizers is a dream for many but hard to realize. Amateurs often have little resources and tools. This was my case in the fall of 2007, when I decided to start building one. I visited many SDIY sites for basic knowledge. I would like to thank Yves Usson for his wonderful site that jump started the whole experience.

 As my project progressed, I acquired knowledge and skills. I was soon able to create my own modules - this is the proof that it is not as difficult as one might think! I then decided to give back to the community and create this site. It contains all information needed for the module building ( schemes, PCB, Firmware) as well as advises coming from my own experience.

The modules described in this web site have have the following characteristics:

1 - They are all beginner's modules. I should be able to build them too, right? "-)

2- They are cheap.

3- They have a professional quality. They are reliable enough to be used on the scene or in a studio. For instance, the MIDI CV/Gate uses a 12 bits converter more precise than most products on the market.

For the moment, I propose these modules :

 - a MIDI CV/Gate to pilot analogical synthesizer from any MIDI device.

 - a CV recorder, a kind of pseudo analogical sequencer easy to build but allowing you to create very interesting effects.

 - a very accurate and easy to use Master Clock.

 - a double Quantizer with MIDI Output which can be used as CV To MIDI.

 - a Parametric Equalizer which is a simplified copy of the famous Moog SPPE-1

 - a Voltage Controled Amplifier (VCA) built whith a THAT IC

- a Double Glide (Portamento)

 - a simple +5V Power Supply

I hope many will come to this site and even more will jump into the wonderful SDIY adventure!


The modules can be build freely for personal usage or training. The software is considered as 'Freeware'. It is provided as is and without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.
Permission is granted to use, modify, or redistribute this software so long as it is not sold or exploited for profit.

That being said, commercial usage of schemes and software needs my authorization.