Professional and passionate users have built 100’s of the MIDI2CV I created. Using the musicians’ feedback, I decided to create the ultimate MIDI2CV based on the most powerful components on the market.

    Here comes the latest MIDI2CV module. It is based on the high accuracy 16 bit DAC, a powerful 32 bit processor, and a display/encoder system to precisely modify parameters. Like all the other ACXBus Modules, it can be programed and automated by MIDI control Change messages.

    This ACX MIDI2CV is a 4 voice polyphonic module. All four voices are independent in Mono mode. For each of them, you can chose the MIDI channel, the CV output, and the gate signal type.


- DAC conversion on 16 bits (accuracy 1/600th of a half-tone).

- Selection of the MIDI channel on each of the 4 voices.

- 10 different types of CV on each voice: Note, Velocity, Release Velocity, Aftertouch Channel, Modulation or Control Change #2, #3, #4, #5 (in 7 or 14-bit).

- Up to 9 different Gate signal on each voice: Gate, Triggers of varying length, MIDI clock, Start/Stop, Reset.

- Gate Output
s can be switched into Inputs and convert Analog Signal into MIDI Commands (MIDI Clocks, Start, Stop).

- Mono mode with 4 independent channels or Polyphonic Modes  2-voice, 2 + 2-voice, 3-voice or 4-voice. Polyphony 6 or 8 voice possible with a second module MIDI2CV ACX.

- Drums Mode (up to 8 trigger output).

- 6 different Scales : Tempered, Pythagoras, 5 TET (Tone Equal Temperament), 7 TET, 24 TET or Harry Partch.

- Volt/Octave or Volt/Hertz output

- Re-Trig notes can be activated or desactived.

- Multipliers and divisors of the MIDI clock adjustable from x 12 to /4 on each channel.

- Transposition on each channel of +/-12 half tones.

- Transposition of channels 1, 2 and 3 directly by MIDI keyboard

- Adjustment of the extent of the PitchWheel between 1/2 tone, 1 tone or 1 octave.

- 8 memory banks for storing all the parameters with automatic backup of the last settings.

- Selection of MMC ID to make sure that the module meets the good commands.

- Cancellation of the offsets directly by the encoder, without screwdriver and without removal of the module

- Tuning extremely precise and very simple by the encoder, without screwdriver and without removal of the module.

- Display the incoming MIDI messages for diagnosing or troubleshooting (Real Time and 2 or 3 byte messages).

- 13 editable parameters via Control Change.

- Firmware update.

- Works standalone or controllable by MIDI (directly or ACXBus).

Download the User Manuel in English (pdf) ACX MIDI2CV (V 1.2)

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